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Useless Stuff
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Winodows Xp tweaks

How to really get rid of unnecessary software

Uninstall things like msn messenger and other hidden installs thru add remove programs, do this:
find sysoc.inf (you might have to enable "show hidden files" and "show hidden/protected system folders" in explorer) and open it in notepad
replace all ",hide" with "," (both with out quotes) which is easiest to do with the replace all command under edit
then in add/remove programs under add/remove windows components and whole new list of things to uninstall and add are now listed (such as internet explorer)

Windows XP does have a back-up Utility!!!

Insert your windows XP disc into your PC. Click exit if your installation screen comes up. Now go too your CD drive in *My Computer*. Right-click and select open. Choose VALUE ADD\MSFT\NT BACK-UP FILE. In the *files of type* drop down list be sure that *select all files* is on. Click on the NTBACK-UP.msi file and click okay. Click the finish button and now go over too the start button\ALL PROGRAMS\ACCESSORIES\SYSTEM TOOLS\ and there it is now.. BACK-UP FILES...Great little tool that Microsoft never should have hidden.

You want to change your Win XP user pic?

. 1Go to "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\Default Pictures"
2. Delete any User Pictures you do not want or use
3. Add in any of your own 48x48 pixel images (bmp, gif, jpg, or png) you want as user pictures.

IE Browsing tips with a scroll mouse

1. Hold CTRL and use the scroll wheel on the mouse to increase or decrease the font size.
2. Hold Shift and use the scroll wheel to go back or forward between webpages.